Carexia Treatment Chairs

The Carexia is an electric versatile treatment chair which boasts a vibrant and sleek design to brighten up any Day Surgery or facility.

Available in Fuschia and Light Blue, the Carexia is one of a kind and offers a variety of optional accessories to custom fit your practice.  The Carexia can be used for the following procedures:

  • blood sampling
  • care or examinations
  • chemotherapy or hemodialysis
  • post surgery patients

The Carexia Treatment Chairs are available in a number of different variations:

  1. Carexia FPVE – electric variable height, backrest and leg rest
  2. Carexia FPV – electric variable height
  3. Carexia FPE – electric fixed height, electric backrest and leg rest
  4. Carexia FP – Fixed height chair

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