KwickScreens are portable and flexible making them perfect for use as temporary partitions for crash situations and emergency procedures. Choose from 3 different styles:  KwickScreen Pro, KwickScreenAir and KwickScreen Duo (coming soon).

Privacy & Dignity

Create private areas in open-plan spaces with the option of choosing a printed design to provide a more comfortable, uplifting patient experience.

Isolated Care

Quickly create partitioned spaces for patient isolation, screened-off waiting areas and pop-up side rooms for emergency and crash situations.

Infection Control

KwickScreens act as physical barriers preventing the spread of infection by droplet transmission. Their component materials are wipe clean, bacteria-impermeable and easy to maintain.

Brighter Environments

Bring a splash of colour to your patients and workplace with a printed KwickScreen. With lots of designs to choose from, or the option to create a bespoke print, why not complement your existing colour scheme to really boost the look of your spaces?

Patient Experience & Wellbeing

Art directly impacts patient health, with distinct themes proven to aid recovery and reduce anxiety and agressive behavior. Choose from engaging, colourful designs for paediatric wards to soothing, restful images for post-operative patients.

Retractable & Adaptable

KwickScreens are fully retractable and can be bent to make a corner at any point along their length. With a small footprint for easy storage KwickScreens provide a versatile solution to space managment problems. For further information on KwickScreen, please contact one of our friendly customer service team here.

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