Olympic Vac-Pac® Range

Olympic Vac-Pacs have been used for more than 40 years in thousands of hospitals—on literally millions of cases—for improved surgical positioning.

Vac-Pacs are soft pads, available in various sizes and shapes, filled with thousands of tiny plastic beads. The Vac-Pac is molded around the patient, then a suction line is attached. As a vacuum is created inside the Vac-Pac, outside atmospheric pressure forces the beads together, and the Vac-Pac becomes firm.

When the suction line is disconnected, the Vac-Pac retains its firm, molded shape to hold the patient securely in position. After surgery, when the Vac-Pac valve is opened to allow air to re-enter, the Vac-Pac becomes soft again, ready for reuse.

In addition to providing more stable and comfortable patient positioning, Vac-Pacs save valuable time for the entire OR team on every case.

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