Pinkies – Absorbable Bed Covers are constructed from a non-woven polyacrylamide (PAA) material, with a quilt of fluid absorbing crystals and a waterproof pink polyethylene (PE) backing to prevent fluids escaping from beneath.

Pinkies are perfect for the Operating Suite, Midwifery, ED, ICU, GP Clinics, Aged Care, Veterinary Clinics, Funeral Homes, Home Care. Their applications are endless!

The Pinkies are available in 5 sizes.  The Ultra Pinkies are the largest size of the Pinkies available and are ideal for use in conjunction with the Reusable HoverMatt® in the Operating Room to protect the HoverMatt® with an absorbable width of 75cm, (20cm more than most other commercially available pads).


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