Toto® Lateral Turning System

Regular manual turning of patients can be intrusive, particularly during the night and frequently resulting in disturbed sleep. For clinicians and carers, this can also be a significant use of resources. The Toto® automated turning system with 30 degree tilt option now offers an alternative when manual repositioning is not possible or tolerated by the patient.

Comprising a lifting and turning platform with a control unit, the Toto® system gently moves patients at regular intervals to assist with patient turning and pressure injury prevention plans whilst reducing the dependency on corers and nursing staff.

The Toto system fits any hospital bed end should be used in conjunction with a TGA registered Pressure Core Mattress or alternating mattresses. The system is easy to fold and transport, allowing for short term use if required.


The Toto® Lateral Turning System is suitable for the prevention of pressure ulcers for the following patients:

  • Identified as being at moderate to high risk of developing pressure wounds
  • Weighing up to 790kg  (4151bs)
  • Who arc unable to change their position without assistance
  • Identified as requiring regular turning and who are non-compliant with manual turning schedules


  • Do not use with patients with unstablG spinal cord inJuries or who are undergoing traction
  • Do not use with patients with equilibrium disturbances
  • Not to be used where patients must be supported by wedges or pillows etc


  • When not in use, remove the cover to prevent damage
  • Place a protective covering over the platform and do not store directly on the floor
  • Never store other items on top of the Toto platform