UniFit and EasyFit Curtains

Non-Disinfectant Curtains are a threat to patient safety.

Privacy curtains are one of the most frequently touched surfaces within the patient environment.  This means non-disinfectant curtains are rapidly contaminated with pathogens, reportedly in under a week of hanging2. Even though contamination on hospital curtains is not always visible, many hospitals do not frequently change the curtains.

PATHOGENS can survive on the surfaces of standard disposable curtains for DAYS, WEEKS or even MONTHS.  In only 7 hours, one bacterium can replicate to over 1,000,000 cells.

Disinfectant Fantex® HCAI Prevention Curtains are proven to kill a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens to 99.9% (log 3) in under 1 minute – making them an invaluable addition to the infection preventionist’s  toolkit.  85% of hospitals that have switched to hygienic Fantex® HCAI Prevention Curtains have observed a reduction in HCAIs within one year. Of these hospitals, the average reduction in HCAI numbers observed within the first year of introduction is 24%.

Our UniFit Curtains can also be used as a Shower Curtain.


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